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Why, in popsicle machines, the freezing fluid agitation is more efficient than pump systems?

A stronger freezing fluid agitation guarantees a more efficient heat exchange, which quicly freezes the popsicles mixture, avoids ice crystals formation and solid components decantation.
Freezing fluid circulation through centrifugal pump presents a series of disadvantages. The premature rotor pump corrosion is the most important. Also, due to umidity absorption, the fluid density increases during long production periods, which strongly decreases the pump flow capacity.

Why, in ice cream batch freezers, plastic made frontal lid is better than stainless steel lid?

The temperature difference between the production environment and the machine interior (production cylinder) requires a material that prevents formation of water droplets on the cylinder's lid, that may fall inside the ice cream during extraction and create ice crystals during storage. That's why we use plastic lids instead of stainless steel lids, which are not a thermal insulating at all.

Why does the used Propylene Glycol have to be replaced about two times in a year?

The replacement frequency depends on the production. During the production the Popsicle mix can fall in the solution, contamination it with time.
Volume Completion: with the use of the machine, the solution can be lost by dragging the forms when windrowing the production. Therefore you have to complete with the solution, observing that the level of the same is as stated in the machine depending on the forms that are being used. The solution can never be above the level of the mix in the cavity.

What's the necessary investment to build a small popsicle factory?

The size of a popsicle factory depends on the desired daily production. For entry level clients we suggest the popsicle production kit.

What's the minimum initial investment to start an ice cream business?

The popsicle machine is the cheapest one. We also offer ice cream production kit at competitive prices.

What's the benefit to control machine's production using ice cream temperature instead of beating time?

Setting the ice cream extraction temperature garantees final products with the same consistency and air incorporation. The control by beating time becomes quite ineffective because the ice cream comes out with no regularity.

What's the advantage of buying a machine with water cooling tower?

Water cooling systems have a superior capacity to maintain the condensing temperature inside high production ice cream machines, mostly in very hot regions. For smaller equipment a simple air cooling system is enough, in order to reduce costs.

What other materials/instruments do I need to operate the Popsicle machine?

A digital scale with grams (once, pound, etc., depends on the country), buckets, stove for syrups preparation, freezers for storage and cooling of the syrup, pasteurizer.

What material are the tank and agitator of Turbo-8 made of?


What material are the forms and accessories made of to ensure they are corrosion proof?

The ethyl alcohol and the propylene glycol are not corrosive. The forms and some accessories are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

What is the quantity of Propylene Glycol required in the tank of the Turbo 8 at a time?

38 liters of the mixture of water (40%) and Propylene glycol (60%) are utilized approximately.

What is the installed compressor in Turbo-8 made of?

COPELAND COMPRESSOR (American) or LÚNITE HERMETIQUE (French), of low pressure evaporation.

What is the difference between fruit pulp incorporator and syrup injector?

Fruit pulps and syrups aggregate important value to ice cream produced with continuous frezers. Many companies offer syrup injectors, however these machines are not prepared to work with fruit pulps, which contain pieces of fruits. Finamac™ Fruit Pulp Incorporator is the only machine in the market which allows the introduction of fruit pieces in the ice cream.

What does "automatic pasteurization cycle" mean?

It means that the operator doesn't need to manually start and stop all steps of a complete pasteurization cycle. He can simply set heating/cooling temperatues and desired time for the aging step, so he can return when the mixture is ready to be transferred to the ice cream freezer.

What does the

The power required to start a motor or a compressor is about five times greater than the power consumption during their operation. With the energy-saving system the machine is started only one time and motors/compressors work continuously, reducing energy consumption and extending components durability.

What cooling liquid can I use in my popsicle machines Turbo 8 and Turbo 25 ?

If in your country the use of ethyl alcohol at 96ºC, that has to be used pure,
is not allowed or cannot be found. It is possible to replace it by PROPYLENE GLYCOL according to the instructions found here .

For further information. Please, contact our Technical Department ( e-mail: or if you already own the equipment we encourage you to check the manual.

Repeatedly dipping the forms in the Propylene Glycol coolant will ultimately dilute it and also reduce its volume. How is the propylene glycol maintained at desired volume level and concentration?

The volume should be completed periodically, according to the level indicated in the marker and according to the provided instructions in the equipment manual.

Is Turbo 8 price negotiable?

The price is negotiable.

Is Propylene Glycol the cooling liquid used to freeze the Popsicle in the short time?

Ethyl alcohol from 92 to 99% is the best option, however in some countries it is not permitted to use, or it is very costly and difficult of find. Approximately 38 liters of alcohol is used in the I Trouble 8.
In cases were the use of Glycol Propylene is necessary, the solution should be of 40% of water + 60% Propylene Glycol, totalling up approximately 38 liters of the mixture.
The brine is not more utilized, as it can provoke corrosive mischief to the equipment, and also deteriorates the environment.

How many workers are required to operate an 8 hour shift using only one Turbo 8?

For a production of 1600 popsicles in 8 hours there is need of two people.
For a 1200 popsicles production in 8 hours, one person is enough.

How long is the warranty period and what its coverage?

The warranty for the equipment is one year and restricted to problems caused by manufacturing faults.

How long have you been in business?

How is the cooling liquid (Propylene Glycol) prevented from entering the forms/product, i.e., how is the contamination of the product with cooling liquid prevented?

The level marked in the tank should be respected. The Propylene Glycol should be 25mm lower than the support of the forms. The equipment has a cover that remains in the machine during the time of production. During the removal of the forms, the extraction process should be sequential, from the left side to the right, stopping the contamination.

Do you provide sticks or bags?

Yes, please contact our sales team and we will be glad to offer you the regular and customized options

Do you provide clients with recipes for the various products that the KIT 200 can be used for?

All Finamac™ clients have exclusive technical support and access to some recipes that we have in our system. However, we have courses, consultance and online courses to provide the best support to our clients

Do we have a choice of mold options? Do you have a catalog? Can we order more molds ?

Sure, we have a lot of shapes, please write for us and we will be glad to send you our options!

Do I really need a Pasteurizer at the entry level of Kit 200; is using boiling water for mixing enough?

Water may be boiled in any suitable container on a stove.
The pasteurization is necessary for milk base popsicles. For base water there is no need.

Delivery time from date of order?

Depends of the model and kind of freight (we have options by sea, air and truck)

To facilitate the purchase processes, follow these 10 steps:

  1. Send an inquiry to Finamac on Contact > Consult our Products.
  2. Send us the model type that you are interested in or capacity of ice pops/ice cream you want to produce per hour. It is very important to fill in the complete data
  3. We will send you an email, with some options for your business, so you can aprove and tell us which kind of freight you prefer
  4. You can place your order to Finamac.
  5. We will quote the freight and send you a complete invoice/proforma along with bank information;
  6. You can send us the wire transfer swift, paypal or a LC according to payment terms.
  7. As soon as we receive the payment, the factory will produce your machines and do the inspection.
  8. You will be informed to make the final payment if is any remaining balance
  9. Finamac will start the shipment procedure and we will provide the client a tracking number along with any documentation needed.
  10. Customer needs to wait the transit time, then as soon as receieved, pay the local taxes and fees at the final destination.

Shipment Options

Here we listed the most commum shipments types, adopted to best suit our costumers.
Before you ask for an official quotation, please read the following instructions about shipping terms and ports.

Sea Transport – Generally, less cost and longer delivery time (transit time)
Air Freight – Generally, higher cost and shorter delivery time (transit time)
Land Shippping – Generally, medium cost and medium delivery time (transit time)

Payment Conditions

Customer must inform us of chosen payment condition among the following options:
Option A - 100% in advance (50% to start the production and 50% to send the equipment when ready)
Option B – Paypal – with a small fee add
Option C – Letter of Credit – Only for payments over usd 35.000,00
Payments by Letter of Credit will have an additional cost of 5% added to the total amount of the invoice.
International freight and insurance values are subject to change during the process.

Delivery Time

On your quote, you will find a delivery time composed of 2 parts.
The first one is the production time.
All our machines are produced on demand and manufacturing begins when the first 50% payment is received.
In the case of a 100% advance payment, as soon as the equipment is ready, we will ship it and then the transit time will begin.
We are not responsible for delays due to equipment release or in origin country neither in destiny ́s country.
In the case of payment in installments (50% to start the production and 50% to send when ready), if payment is not made by the arranged
time, the delay in sending will not be finamac's responsibility.
Note that after a wire bank transfer, it takes around 3 to 7 days to receive the payment confirmation

Are you able to sell and ship to the USA?

Yes we are able to quote and ship worldwide

How can I order replacement parts?

Please consult the user manual of your machine, select the part number you are looking for and contact our technical department to proceed the order. You will need th serial number. The contact is

Do you provide support for machinery startup?

For the beginners line no Finamac technicians are mandatory. But if you prefer to have a Finamac Tech on the beginner' line or to industrial lines, we always quote the service of startup. This quote is made under request.

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