Meet FinamacTM


FinamacTM is one of the few companies in the world generating technology for ice cream manufacturing

Finamac™ products are developed, from conception to fabrication, using the latest digital 3D technology. Our design, mechanical construction, simulation, and production processes use highly sophisticated software, and holds partnerships with National and International Research Institutes and Universities. All of our suppliers, for parts and subsets, are either approved by quality assurance organizations or submitted to rigorous internal technical scrutiny. The equipment used to produce the ice-cream machines are also the latest and greatest; directly connecting digital files to our computers, minimizing errors and accelerating the overall process. Finamac™ holds more than 40 patents in the area. We are highly regardedfor our technological capacity, with certified engineers. Our products follow rigorous sanitary and safety regulations, which is why they have become a highly trusted export to numerous countries.
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