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FinamacTM is synonymous of quality, tradition and commitment in the ice cream equipment sector, being the only company in Latin America to have its own engineering sector, which for over 30 years has been developing a series of technological innovations that have already benefited several ice cream producers around the world.


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Certified Equipment

Our equipment complies with the most rigorous international sanitary and safety certifications.

ETL Sanitation

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Our customers around the world are using FinamacTM
solutions to bring more innovation to the market.

Products developed by our customers

Finamac'sTM courses are developed and teached by trained professionals with experience in the business, prepared to transmit all the technical and practical knowledge that makes all the difference in the market.

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FinamacTM is the number 1 choice of pop stores in the USA, also providing technological solutions for ice cream, ice pops and frozen desserts, exporting machinery worldwide to more than 100 countries.

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